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I'm sure you've noticed from our social media posts, we have some BIG news!! It's no coincidence that it's the start of Día de los Muertos, a holiday celebrating FAMILY.
For the past 13 years, Revolution3 has experienced many changes in venues, size of races, and the overall schedule. One thing that has never changed is our mission, to bring you the very best, family friendly and inclusive, races. When our sister company, TCR Event Management (out of Maryland) was created, it was with the same ideas in mind. At my (Jason) first long course race in Cambridge, MD, I was fortunate enough to carry my son across the finish line, and I'll never forget that memory! With both companies sharing the same vision, to create amazing FINISH LINES for you, we are happy to announce the official merger of Rev3 and TCR Event Management.
All of our TCR Event Management owned events will now be branded as offerings with Rev3. The great thing is that this doesn't just include our multisport offerings!! That means that our runs (Salisbury Marathon, Cambridge Crab Run, Historic Drawbridge Half), our bike rides (Six Pillars Century) and our owned swim (Maryland Freedom Swim) will also be added in to our Rev3 family of events. This includes the 5 Sprint Triathlon/Duathlons that we host on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 

Our schedule will continue to grow over the next few weeks. We want to make sure that we have the dates locked down before launching, so that you can plan your schedule accordingly. We will be posting our new/approved events on our Rev3 Social Media pages as we get the approvals. 

We can't wait to spend the season with you, as we grow the Rev3 family of events with the inclusion of the TCR Event Management owned events. We will continue the #FinishLINESNotFinishTIMES concept, and show you why this year, "It's a Family Thing".

Stephanie S., VA

“My favorite thing about REV3 is being able to be a part of an organization that gives back to the community and fosters the celebration of every athlete!"

Howard B., VA

"First, I want to thank you personally for your kindness and patience with an older man trying to reach for the stars.  


Your program is exceptionally amateur-friendly and I truly appreciate it.  Thank you so much."

Amy G., NJ

“Rev3 was amazing for my first 70.3, from the workers to the volunteers to the overall vibe, I just loved it and had the best time!!”
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